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Hotel Lighting

Choosing the Best Hotel Lighting

The lighting in your hotel sets the mood for your guests. We offer custom light fixtures to complement every space in your hotel, from the lounge to the hallways to individual rooms. Our custom designs are made to order to fit just about any theme. Choose from majestic chandeliers, upscale sconces, classy pendants, and more. You're limited only by your imagination in terms of what we can create.

If you find our custom order possibilities a bit overwhelming, no worries. We offer a wide selection of unique lighting products including stock fixtures, modernized vintage fixtures, and restored fixtures. We can even repair and restore your current fixtures. Often, swapping out old bulbs for new ones is all it takes to create a much more inviting atmosphere. We've served hotels, restaurants, and homeowners in our community, providing premier lighting solutions that captivate and stand up to daily usage.

As a mom and pop shop, we're always exploring new ways to serve our community. That's why we've expanded our offerings beyond lighting to include faucets, sinks, and curtain rods. Like our lighting fixtures, these products are constructed from high-quality materials and add a classy touch to any indoor space. Your guests will love the unique designs and motifs we can create.

Ready to revitalize your hotel with light? Contact us through our online form and we'll help you with all your hotel lighting needs.

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