Miramonte Football -- Shift the spot light, just this once.


No doubt, Peter Stehr is a star running back by anyone’s standards. Yes, Asim “Awesome” Khan lives up to his nickname whenever he gets his hands on the ball. Absolutely, “X” is a passing and running threat Quarterback in every Safety’s nightmare.

Top shelf architectural photography


Design world, meet Tony (if you don't know him already). His work has been regularly featured in numerous publications for some time. His website, Ash Photography, notes his strong visual aesthetic, love of architecture, design integrity and perfectionism. ( He has that last one in spades.) But what seems to be left off his list, for us, is "likeability." There are the folks you have to work with, and the folks you want to work with.

Tony definitely falls into the latter.

Miramonte Varsity Football #GoMat!


Holy cow, these guys are good. Okay, so they're only ranked 1,113rd in the nation, but they’re still worth putting on your radar.

Peter Stehr—the last of the Stehr brothers to go through the Mats' football program run by Coach Schram—is a beast, both on offense and defense. Backed by Mack truck tacklers like Sam Walker at Inside Linebacker position and outside Senior Cornerback, Mason Bell. The Rochette twins are also a fan favorite, playing both ways as guards alongside their monster tackle Robin, whom some just call “Shade.”

Art People Get Us.


#YouDontSeeThatEveryday are the words we live by in 2017. If it's not amazing, or if it's like what other people do, don't do it. If we can't offer customers something that's totally unique in our little retail shop, they're just going to find the cheapest version of it on-line.

'Differentiate or Die'


If you look down the lobby hallway at Epsilon Marketing in San Francisco, you'll see one of our custom skateboard light fixtures illustrating a basic marketing principle of theirs, "Differentiate or Die."

If you want people to notice, you have to stand out.

We feel the same way about lighting.

The “GOOD BAR” in Kyiv, Ukraine


Received a nice FaceBook note recently filled with images of an order we filled some time ago. As I recall, it was one of those phone calls you are suspicious of, at first — overseas call, broken English, asking what form of Credit Cards do we take, liking to place a large order — all the ingredients of the a credit card scam. But this gentleman was different, persistent, and he did all the security things we asked of him.

Net-Net, we find our lights up in this amazing, funky underground club in Kyiv. An odd mix that comes together nicely. Amen to anti-cookie cutter thinkers.

Back to life-History Museum


At the intersection of Burlingame Ave. and California Drive you'll find a sweet old building locals know as the historic Burlingame Train Station.
If you're lucky enough to see inside, you'll not only find the Burlingame Hillsborough History Museum, but if you look up, you'll see the large iron, period correct, lovingly restored chandelier. Thanks mostly to the efforts of the Burlingame Historical Society, spearheaded by the museum's founder Russ Cohen, it was brought to us here at Omega Lighting Design in Berkeley.

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