Coronavirus update:

After confirming we qualify as a plumbing supply and electrical repair company, we plan to continue to do business, which is allowed, on a very limited, safe, basis.
Through April 7th, each employee will work one day a week at the shop, solo, to keep the system moving forward, if even at a snail's pace. Limiting their access to other people as much as possible. 
Their safety is our #1 concern.
Transactions should be done via phone, or through omegalightingdesign.com, and packages will picked up by appointment at the front door. (We're thinking ideally Saturdays, but open to helping those that can't make that work.) This would include those folks that have things out on trial, and wish to return for refunds.
Workshop progress will continue, but only on the days that our workshop staff is working.
The shop, our packaging, and our lights will be cleaned regularly, as much as possible, within reason. Rubber gloves will be worn while working on your fixture, and anything we touch will be wiped down before packaging.

Please contact us at info@omegalightingdesign.com with any questions or concerns.

We truly appreciate your continued support of our mom and pop shop. - Thank you for your patients, and stay safe.



Play a part in designing your own lights.

"Your shop may not have air conditioning, but it's coolest store in Berkeley."
- Client

"I needed a whole lotta lights on a fairly modest budget, and I didn't think I could afford the stuff here. But it turns out that they can make you custom lights that are really pretty affordable."

- A yelper
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