measuring curtain rods

Brackets may be mounted on the window molding or on the wall above the window. Make sure the location is high enough so that light doesn't show above the top of the curtain. Figure out where you want the brackets and add finial length beyond the bracket. The finial lengths shown in the drawings are approximate. You may make the extensions as long as you like. Note that some finials are made as part of the rod an others slip onto the end of the rod. Therefore, please provide us with the finished overall length of rod and finials.

bay windows:

Provide us with measurements as follows:

  • A and C = corner to finished end of rod including finial, measure on the wall above the window.
  • B = inside corner to inside corner, measured on the wall above the window.
  • Also, we need a pattern of the angle. This should be a cutout done on lightweight cardboard (cereal box or back of tablet).
  • There is a bending charge for bay window rods in addition to the per foot charge.


Curtain rods up to 6' between brackets will be fine with two brackets. When the distance between brackets exceeds 6', we recommend a center bracket.

double brackets:

We recommend a center bracket when the distance between the brackets exceeds 5' because the 3/8" rod sags.

There is a $10.00 charge in addition to the per-foot charge for the 3/8" sheer rod, for making the end stops. Measurement of this rod should be from outside of bracket to outside of bracket.

color and finish:

Because the iron is made using various processes, including forging, milling and casting, its color will vary through shades of gray to nearly black. These are variable and not totally predictable, so we cannot guarantee a particular shade of gray.

Finishing is required for these curtain rods, as they are raw iron when delivered to us. Finishing options include tung oil finish for addition $25 per window set. You can do it yourself, or we can do it for you. Plus .10cents per ring.Or $40 per window set for flat black paint. .20cents per ring.