Lighting trends I've noticed. Avoid or embrace?

Lighting trends I've noticed. Avoid or embrace?

As I cruise around the Internet for various reasons, I always seem to drag-and-drop images that I find relevant to our shop. These are a few examples that have been sitting on my desktop this week of what I consider to be current trends. (You may either see these examples as something to embrace, or something to avoid, depending on your view & value of trends.)

But here's why I grabbed them:

Lindsey Adelman is a New York lighting designer that has been around for awhile, but her name has become synonymous with this modern-organic style of clean bubble glass shades in free-form groupings. ( there is a great light of hers on the cover of 7x7 this month. ) her style is hot and not going away anytime soon, so I've noticed alot of folks making their own "versions" of her style.

Oversized shades. Larger than one might think to use, but always making quite a statement when seen as a bunch. Usually globes or metallic in nature. Sometimes with color cords. Bright, primary colored cords. Can't decide if copper is hot yet, but no doubt seeing more of it.

Super-chrome fixtures with tiny LED lights. Usually hanging from oober thin cables. Personally I think of these lights are kinda cheap, made in China, and won't last in either the designers' affections or the physical sense of the word. But they are out, everywhere.
Now, the second part of this equation is what parts of these trends do we embrace at Omega Lighting Design? Usually the answer is "All of them and none of them." Meaning we absorb what's out there, but then make our own twists that answer the same need.
what do you think?....