For the record, we here at "Omega Too" don't believe it.

For the record, we here at "Omega Too" don't believe it.

To watch CNBC this morning, you'd think we were crazy to keep Omega Too going.

"High-end, discretionary income retailers, especially in the housing market are in serious, serious trouble."

Somehow, "made in China" and tin thin mass produced products will keep Home Depot thriving, but those small businesses that offer a more expensive, all be it original and better made product will not be able to compete in the world of tighter budgets and smaller pay checks.

Inflation will make our shipping costs, and overhead costs sky-rocket, driving us straight in to the poor house.

We'll just see about that.

The Jim Cramers of the world don't know our customers. I say good taste & quality are a rare, and fleeting commodity, not unlike oil or red diamonds. Analysts may fear any beautiful thing we make, someone else in China can knock off, mass produce, and offer for less. But I believe enough people have enough taste to always tell the difference. And those that take pride in their projects will need a place to turn.

In this case, that turn will be in to one of the three small parking spaces in front of a little shop in Berkeley, called Omega Too.