Seriously, what's the story with "Ohmega" vs "Omega Too"?

Seriously, what's the story with "Ohmega" vs "Omega Too"?

In the beginning their was only the Ohmega Salvage yard.

As they grew they created an annex to hang and sell things that had been restored and were no longer in "as found" condition. ~ This became 'Omega Too', which as I understand it, was " thankfully spelled properly the second time around" giving each store it's own identity; all be it a little confusing.

Then, to add to the fogginess, Omega Too was sold to us, Mark & Vanessa Bell, so today the two businesses are owned by different people entirely.

Since there was so much heritage in the name, we decided to hang on to the given "Omega Too" title. And still try and work with the original yard by sticking with the guidelines that "found items" are at the salvage yard, and "restored and new items are at Omega Too.

One day, who knows, we might become 'Omega Home', or 'Omega Design' and put out a catalog and chain of home improvement stores across the globe. But for now we're happy simply designing and restoring lights on a more intimate scale.