Omega Too Retail music study

Omega Too Retail music study

So business has been slow lately. And Vanessa Bell, my wife and partner in Omega Too says to me "Funny, we don't seem to sell as much when we play classical music." Which got me to thinking, how much does music play in to the purchasing of vintage lights in our store's showroom.

So I did a little test using Pandora. (which for anyone who doesn't know is an amazing, free Apple application of streaming music you can plug in to your stereo via your iPhone.) For three weeks, I picked three days. Each day got one of three types of music. Alternating each type of music to day of each week.

And by far Etta James sold the most. present day Pop music came in second, and classical in third.

Granted 3 weeks is a short test, but you'd think Old stuff = Old music. Not true.

So I love Etta James more than ever now. Come on in one day and rock out with us.