Edison bulbs, where can you buy them?


Perhaps because industrial lighting is becoming more and more popular by the second, more and more designers are on the hunt for bulbs that fit the look. When they find out we carry a range of styles and watts, they usually say something like "Thank god. I love you guys. You should put something on your website that says Omega Too carries them, because you have noooooo idea how long I've been looking for a place to buy them."
So, sound advice, here you go.
Depending on the age of your house, there is a bulb from that time period. So if you want to be truly period correct, we can make a recommendation for you. If you're just looking for a neat-o bulb to finish off your steam-punk styled room, we have a range of styles to pick from. Squirrel cage, to giant glass tipped bulbs with low wattage, there's something for everybody.
Come see our display for examples.