A shameless plug for a client we love, Tarpoff & Talbert Real estate agents:

A shameless plug for a client we love, Tarpoff & Talbert Real estate agents:

We know Pat & Anet well enough now that we should probably call them by their first names, but everyone seems to simply refer to them as "T & T." ( Around Omega Too it's pronounced more like the stuff miners toss down mine shafts, "TNT!!!") Sure, most likeley because it is much easier to remember, but also, quit possibly, because they do a dynamite job at helping folks sell their homes through thoughtful listening, and tasteful staging.
They started in the spring of '92 because they wanted to do more personalized real estate. Really getting to know their clients and their challenges. (T&T only takes on about 15 projects a year just for that reason.)
They come to us for repairs and lighting that fits their clients budgets. Always bringing interesting lights, unique challenges, and a great attitude. Kind, humorous, patient, an realistic.( If only all our patrons could be so level headed.)
For that we say "Thank you" by giving you this shameless, but well deserved, plug on our website. It is clear you guys love your jobs and love doing your jobs well. Keep up the good work.

If you'd like, have a look at T&T's current listings (and some of the neat lights in the house!)


Tarpoff & Talbert Residential Real Estate
442 Alcatraz Avenue, Oakland, California 94609

Phone: (510) 653-2050
Facsimile: (510) 653-4259
E-mail: patanet@tarpoffandtalbert.com