Incandescent light bulb ban? Omega Too will take care of you either way.


So congress has said that by 2012 the 100wtt light bulb will be no more, and by 2014 so will the 75wtt and 60wtt. But you'll still be able to buy a 40wtt and lower.
Okay. But people need an equal replacement and we have yet to see it.
My guess is, like the battery powered car, advancements will come later when they hit mass production and can address the issues in a more cost affective manner. In the mean time look for people stockpiling warehouses of beautiful warm, light bulbs and making a mint selling them under the table.
They are like Marijuana, or cigarettes or racing fuel. if people want it bad enough, they will always exist.
But if you're ready to evolve, we can convert all your old lights to fluorescent only sockets. either by replacing it entirely, or using a less expensive, permanent adaptor that will pass all your inspector's requirements.