So wrong I have to say something


Lately, everywhere I seem to look, I see an arm and a leg charged for something that should only cost a leg. (At most.)
Now normally, we try and take a positive "high road" voice on our website, so I will restrain myself from naming names and sites, but here is just one such example of what gets under my skin. A simple socket, with a nice vintage double adaptor on a cord pendant should not cost anywhere near $384.95. That's just freakin-ludacris! Who in their right mind is buying this stuff?
Perhaps part of what gets my goat is that maybe we could be making that kind of money charging for the same light.( is it me? Am I'm missing the boat here, and that's the going rate? ) But,alas, we have a conscious. People return to buy lights from us for our integrity, if we breach that trust, we might as well pack it in.
if you're one of the folks considering some of these crazy designer prices, please check with us before you pull the trigger. There is a very good chance we can find you the same thing for A LOT less money.